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We take chemical consultations very seriously

The following information is important to know if you are a client receiving one or more chemical services.

Color history and the use of medications must be divulged when consulting with your stylist.  If you are currently under the care of an MD, it is (YOUR) responsibility to research if color services are compatible with any prescription medication or cancer treatment which you are currently being treated with, or have used prior to your color appointment.  Your stylist is not a trained medical physician.


BELOW is a list of items to address with your colorist prior to your appointment - as these items may cause negative chemical reactions to the hair when mixed with salon chemical services.

-previously over-processed hair*

By repeatedly layering dyes over porous pre-lightened hair

-taking prescription medication*

That inadvertently alters the bonds of the hair (methotrexate, sulfa based medications)

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